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Unflavored Sweets by Lovable-Yukiko

First let me say, this is gorgeous, the lighting and the amount of detail just draws you in immediately.
Now bear with me a little I have a cold right now -_-;;

The piece is composed very nicely, your eyes are really drawn around the whole artwork, allowing you to really take the time to take everything in, and with how much detail you put into it, it's hard not to take a good long look.

The one big thing, is the sweets don't seem to work with the rest of it, we're looking at the floor from above, but all the sweets are seen from nearly a perfect side angle. (except for the donut in the top) Other then that, the only other thing I'd say is that her arm looks like it may be a little too long, but it's difficult to tell and that may just be me.

The way her hair flows out, combined with the way the sweets are lying around, makes for a beautiful natural framing around the girl, really helping draw your eyes to her.

And other then the angle issue, the sweets do look good. They're colored well, there's a nice little variety, and the idea behind the picture is intriguing, you see the pretty girl and sweets picture done a lot, but not with such a solemn message behind it.
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Lovable-Yukiko Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012
Thank you dear for the lovely critique!<3
Yaeah, the angle was so hard. I've never done it quite like this :D
I'm quite satisfied with the results !
I should try creating backgrounds more often ♥
SterlingRevolver Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist
I can tell you worked hard on it, and I can see so much improvement from when I first started watching you, so I wanted to leave something more in depth :heart: (was my first critique too ><)
And yeah backgrounds just take tons of frustrating practice ;w;
Lovable-Yukiko Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
Thank you ;O;
Your feedbacks mean a lot to me ^_^
Yeah, I'm going to work more with painting backgrounds now indeed~ frustration pays off :P
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